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Chocolate Holiday

Chocolate is delicious, and also quite nutritious, it’s really not fictitious, We’re telling you the truth. Health benefits are healing, the taste is so appealing, so here we are revealing, a fountain of youth.

That’s right the latest news is that one of the many health benefits of chocolate is wrinkle reduction. German researchers conducted a study in which woman drank a 7 ounce cup of hot chocolate a day for 3 months. Results of the study showed a reduction in wrinkles of up to 25%. Flavonols in chocolate repair sun damaged cells for smoother clearer skin.

Start your chocolate experience with a spa pedicure while enjoying a warm cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows. Follow that with a 1 hour sweet massage and a peppermint chocolate body exfoliating treatment. Enjoy the guilt free chocolate and relaxation and don’t forget your chocolate goody bag!

Spa Pedicure, 1 Hour Massage, and a Peppermint Chocolate Body Exfoliating Treatment – $195

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