Champagne and Roses

A rose treatment can hydrate, tone, and restore radiance to the skin and body.  Products that contain rose oil are rich in antioxidants,  vitamin A and vitamin C. Rose soothes enlarged capillaries and can aid in the healing of inflammatory skin conditions. These treatments are highly enjoyable, giving your skin a pleasant scent and produce a calming effect on the nervous system.  While receiving one of these indulgent services enjoy a glass of champagne and take some time to relax this Valentine season.

  • 1 hour Rose Massage – purchase up to 3  – $60
  • Rose Basic Facial – purchase up to 3 – $40
  • Rose Petal Spa Manicure with paraffin – purchase up to 3 – $35
  • Rose Petal Spa Pedicure with paraffin – purchase up to 3 – $49
  • Rose Microdermabrasion – purchase up to 3 – $40
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