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Teacher Appreciation Month

Each week in the month of August, we will be celebrating teachers!

August 1 – 10

All teachers receive 20% off a massage.

August 11 – 18

All teachers receive 20% off the salon. (includes hair & nails)

August 19-21

All teachers receive 20% off 1 item in the boutique.

August 22-25

All teachers receive $50 botox, filler, full set of Xtreme Lashes or any laser procedure.

August 26-31

All teachers receive 20% off any facial service, spray tan, gentle waves or acne blue-light treatment.


** This special includes teachers from all schools in Northeast Arkansas. To get the special price, the service must be provided during the dates specified or scheduled within 1 month of this offer. The special includes teachers as well as other educational employees such school administration, clerical, coaches, etc. In addition to grades k-12, this special also includes collegiate as well as daycare center employees. ** ( Only 1 discount applies at a time )