Swedish massage

May Signature Body Masque

Our treatments are designed to be massaged onto the body.  A masque is formed,  allowing nutrients and anti-oxidants to be absorbed into the skin – detoxifying, hydrating, and healing as it dries.  We allow the masque to process for about 15 minutes and then it is removed with warm cloths. The treatment is finished off with a moisture rich massage.


Choose from two…

Damiana Tea and Chamomile

The Dead Sea and Chamomile Mud Masque soothes, heals, and cleanses the body and mind. The natural healing properties of Dead Sea Mud and selected clays are blended with essential oils that are rich in anti-inflammatory, desensitizing, and healing properties (lavender, chamomile, damania, marigold, lime, cornflower, and St. John’s Wort).

Chamomile and Marine Algae

The Chamomile and Marine Body Masque has potent, fortifying anti-oxidant algae and essential oils that seep into undernourished skin, renewing its strength and vitality, leaving it soft and supple. Lavender essential oil, chamomile, marigold, lime, and cornflower extracts are infused into a marine algae, kelp, and glycerin base designed to soothe and heal. The algae body masques are formulated to stimulate circulation and cell regeneration.

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