Golf Massage Package

Massage has been practiced for thousands of years; today’s society sees it as a “relaxing” or “therapeutic” modality, but it can also play a role in enhancing athletic and other physical performance. Massage can break down adhesions and scar tissue, which ultimately may lead to better freedom of movement — and thus better swing mechanics for golfers.

Golf requires that the body have mobility in the right places to reduce the risk of injury.

Key Area: Hip Rotators

Golf requires a high level of rotation through the hips, but because so much of our modern lives involve sitting at computers and in vehicles, the hip rotators often become “stuck” and

 in need of massage.

Key Area: Hip Flexors

The golf stance can often lead to excessive tightness in the hip flexors, the muscles along the front of your thigh and abdomen.

Key Area: Thoracic Spine

The middle portion of your back, called the thoracic spine, plays an integral role in the golf swing. Many swing errors put too much tension on the muscles along the spine; release this tension to improve your swing’s effectiveness

    Sage Meadows Golf Course is a modern links-inspired, Tommy Bolt signature course that is fair yet challenging to golfers of all ages and skills. The golf course facilities are among the best practice facilities in Northeast Arkansas including a practice green, a large driving range and a short game area which are all open to the public.

1 hour “Golfer’s Custom Massage” and 18-holes at Sage Meadows 

( includes golf cart )



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